marriage isn’t forever…

It’s romantic to say “I do” and promise to love each other “til death do us part.”

But real life has more moments of reality than romance.  Marriages don’t last forever.  No relationship does.

Every relationship will end.  Some by choice.  Some by death.  Some by abuse.  Some by emotional withdrawal.

If I expect my relationship to be around forever, I take it for granted, mistreat it, neglect it… guaranteeing its end.

Realizing my relationship is going to end inspires me take better care of it. 

This person I’m sharing my life with will not always be here.  I’ll be kinder today as I think about that.  I’ll be more patient.  A little more compassionate.

Forever is fantasy.  Treasure every moment.

And if you do, you might create a relationship that lasts.